Craig Calderwood

Eureka Fellowship Awardees 2022

Craig Calderwood’s (Pronouns: they, them) intricate and decorative paintings, drawings, and
sculpture are rendered through a personal vernacular of symbols and patterns. Recalling the private
languages that underground communities of queer and trans people used for safety for decades,
Calderwood develops these patterns and symbols though research into history, personal narratives, and
pop cultural moments. Their work has been exhibited at the Luggage Store in San Francisco, CA; ONE
archives in Los Angeles, CA; The Hole in New York, NY; and the Oakland Museum of California.
Calderwood has been awarded three IAC grants from the San Francisco Arts Commission, The A+P+I
Artist Residency at Mills College, The AiRV Residency with Black and White Projects, and was a 2019
SECA Finalist. Their Work has been published in New American Paintings, THEM, Practice Zine, and
The New Museum’s anthology Trap Door. Currently Calderwood is working on a series of paintings with
Live Action Role Play (LARP) and other forms of persona building as a means of managing life and
exploring one’s identity. This new work will be shown in 2020 at Et Al. in San Francisco, CA.

Exorcism, 2012
See You In Hell, From Heaven, 2018
Ring Worm Inspection, 2019