Small Arts Grants :: Apply


The Foundation only accepts online applications. There are two grant cycles each year: spring and fall. Applications are now being accepted for the spring 2022 review cycle for general support for eligible 501(c)(3) and fiscally sponsored arts and culture organizations and film projects only. All other project-support remains suspended for this cycle for this grant program. Please review the Small Arts Grants program guidelines and eligibility criteria carefully before applying. Organizations may not apply more than once a year, except fiscal sponsors applying on behalf of multiple groups.

The deadline for proposals for the spring 2022 review cycle is January 15, 2022. Decisions will be communicated in May 2022. Application guidelines for the fall 2022 cycle will be available in May 2022.

To apply:

  1. Please register online to create an application account, if your organization does not yet have one. Choose a username and password and follow the online instructions. Please note your login information, since you will need it every time you access the grantee portal.
  2. Then, complete your grant application, choosing the Small Arts Grants Program application type. You may save and return to your draft application using your login information, but applications may not be edited once they are submitted.

To review an application, the Foundation needs to the following:

  1. A brief description of the organization (or fiscally sponsored organization) that provides: its purpose, when it was founded and by whom, its key accomplishments, and a short summary of its programs and artistic activities. (Up to 3,500 characters)
  2. A brief summary of the status of the organization, how COVID-19 closures have impacted its programming, operations, and finances, and how it has responded. If a deficit exists, please include information about the amount and how it might be addressed. (Up to 3,500 characters)
  3. A description of the organization’s artistic projects, plans, and priorities for the year ahead, focusing on activities between May 15, 2022 and April 15, 2023. (Up to 3,000 characters)
  4. A description of the artists and communities the organization serves and how it engages them. Please include any relevant demographic information the organization may already have available about its artists, audiences, leadership, and/or staff, and the approximate annual total attendance at public events, before COVID. (Up to 2,500 characters)
  5. Filmmakers: A narrative description of the film project for which funding is being sought, an estimated timeline for completion, a listing of funding that has been received to date, and other materials listed in the Instructions for Filmmakers page on this website. Filmmakers should have raised and spent at least 50% of their project budget before applying. Please note funds are awarded for the post-production phase of film projects only. (Up to 3,000 characters)

Attachments: (Please note that all documents must be uploaded as PDFs.)

  1. An organizational budget for the current fiscal year, with itemized income and expenses, including the amount(s) for compensation for artists clearly separated out.
  2. A financial statement for the organization’s last completed fiscal year, with itemized income and expenses (actual).
  3. Board of Directors list with affiliations as well as the percentage of board members who made a financial contribution to the organization within the last year.
  4. A list of confirmed and pending foundation, corporate, and government grants, as well as government loans, for the current year with amounts. (Fiscally sponsored organizations should provide their own institutional funder list, rather than that of their fiscal sponsor.)
  5. Optional: Up to three supporting documents such as press reviews and program material.
  6. Optional: An image and/or link to a brief video work sample.
  7. Required for fiscally sponsored organizations: A copy of the Letter of Agreement with the fiscal sponsor and a budget for the fiscally sponsored organization with itemized income and expenses, showing the amount for payments to artists, as well as other information described on the Instructions for Fiscally Sponsored Organizations page of this website.
  8. Required for filmmakers: A filmography, a Vimeo link to a full rough cut of the film project, and, if applicable, production company financials.

All applicants will receive written confirmation of receipt of their proposal. Small Arts Grants range from $2,500 to $10,000, and are usually between $2,500 and $5,000. Decisions for the spring cycle will be communicated in May.

Application guidelines for the fall 2022 review cycle will be available in May 2022.